Too close! Hot!


With the increased demand of energy cells, engineers from Gemini Station attempted to establish a permeant outpost on Mercury. They established a network of solar farms and then attempted to build a permanent habitat. It was quickly discovered that the heat and radiation shielding was only effective for limited exposures before breaking down. 

The permanent habitat plan was scrapped and instead replaced with an automated facility managed remotely by Gem’s central processor core, [N8]. 

The facility runs maintenance free and, due to its close proximity to the sun, generates the cheapest energy cells on the market. Additionally, if Mercury Station’s Jupiter Gas reserves remain filled for more than 24 hours at a time, the station will start manufacturing packages of Supercharged Energy Cells, highly valuable consumables that, when used, replenish a ship’s energy and processor power levels far beyond standard levels.

Mercury Tip: Energy cells are dirt-cheap on Mercury. The Jupiter-Mercury-Eris trade loop can make patient traders very rich.

Tech Specialization

  • Trade
  • Exotic
  • Heat Resistant 

Primary Exports

  • Energy Cells
  • Supercharged Energy Cells

Primary Imports

  • Jupiter Gas