Get Invovled

Gemini Station was developed and is maintained by one person (Nor).

As Gem has grown, so have the game’s needs. While there are many things that only Nor can take care of, there is a wide variety of items that others can assist with. Many players who have joined our community have asked what they can do to help Gem grow. Not everyone can code or math, but that does’t mean you can’t contribute to Gemini Station.

To help streamline answers to those request, here is a number of things you can do to help

Tell Your Friends!

Gem’s foundational gameplay is in a great place! It’s time to expand. Telling your friends about Gem and helping grow the active player base is a HUGE help. In fact, if you recruit a friend, Nor will give both you and your friend a Supply Crate when the new recruit reaches level 10


Art & Design

Nor does everything except draw. There are plans to add unique cockpit designs, multiple ship views, more items, mod tiles, and locations, but we need help with creating that artwork.


Contribute to the Wiki

Gem is an expansive game with tons of lore, stories, items, and game mechanics. A lot of that information is on the wiki, but a lot of it isn’t. Also, with new mechanics and balancing updates, the wiki tends to fall out of date quickly. Contributing to the wiki is a MASSIVE help to both new and veteran players. Plus there’s no code to learn, the Wiki utilizes a visual editor, so all you have to do is start typing. And you don’t have to know everything about a topic to start working on an article, add what you can, and someone else will add to it!



As a free to play game, Gem’s marketing budget is basically zero. As a result, Nor is always looking for gaming sites to submit Gemini Station to. If you find one, feel free to submit Gem on your own, or create a ticket in-game regarding the new find. Updating your Discord status to promote Gem is always helpful too! Anything we can do to spread the word!



Gem is built using HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP & MySQL. There are several standalone projects that need expert programming help.


Mechanics Balancing

Got a head for numbers? God knows Nor doesn’t. Join the discussion with the math-types in Discord or the Forum to help balance existing game mechanics. Or, have you got an idea to better balance an existing mechanic? Submit a ticket.


The Mod Team

The gem community is self-policed by level-headed, active veteran players. If you’re interested in helping moderate the forum, discord, and in-game, ping a moderator and let them know. Joining the mod team takes time, but being active in-game, helping to resolve disputes, and helping other players is a good first step.


Welcome Wagon

Gem is an expansive, feature-packed game. As a new player, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Welcoming new players and helping them get started is a great way to help support Gem.


Content Creator

Do you have a knack for creating posters, or making videos? Player-made videos, gameplay and mechanic videos go a long way to expanding Gem’s exposure online.



One of the most celebrated and demanded features of Gem is the lore. If you’ve got a story idea, or a knack for writing, feel free to submit a story, quest, or mission!