No air, lots of rocks, very red.


Originally an Earth colony, Mars declared its independence and rebelled against the blue planet. After developing powerful offensive mods in secret, the smaller Martian colony was able to 

With no breathable atmosphere, the Martian city Marsis consists of hundreds of habitation domes. These domes contain everything from living quarters to hydroponic gardens. 

A valuable surprise has been that these gardens end up producing the most nutrient-rich food in the system. Dubbed “Martian Foods”, they have become Mars’ primary export. 

Mars Tip: For whatever reason, the idiots on Earth love Martian Rocks. If you’re low on funds and looking for the cheapest upfront cost to jumpstart your trading career. Sell rocks to earth. 

Tech Specialization

  • Offense 

Primary Exports

  • Energy Cells
  • Martian Foods
  • Rocks

Primary Imports

  • Water